One thing that I really loved about Mr. Greg (okay, I loved many things) was that Pearl sang that she is wrong to doubt Rose’s love. I really really love that. How many shows/books/real life instances do you see where someone is in love with someone else and they fall in love with someone and so the first person goes to the ultimate lengths to try to get them to break up and basically prove that they belong together and that they were wrong in falling in love with someone else? You could even argue that this feeds into the “If I can’t have you, nobody can” mentality. And it’s really toxic and I love the fact that in one lyric and a cloud gesture, Pearl shows that she should respect Rose’s wishes and not doubt her and her love for Greg. She has a hard time with it, obviously, but it shows that she knows she wasn’t right in trying to get them to break up all those years ago and that she should have faith in Rose’s decision.

What a great message.


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