“Aren’t you forgetting something?” *Points at Joey* 

“Take it easy Numbuh 4, he’s just a baby!” 

“Ugh, nice Brotherly-Love there Mr. Sensitive.” 

I love how Hoagie took NONE of Wally’s bullshit when he was being a jerk to his Baby Brother. Mostly due to the fact that he’s a Big Brother himself and he holds Wally to a certain standard since they both have Baby Brothers to protect and look after.

Hoagie has a very close relationship with his Baby Brother, so to see Wally be a jerk to Joey even though he’s just a Baby, probably makes his blood boil. He’s been an older Brother longer than Wally has since Tommy is 7 years old while Joey is estimated to be younger than 1 year old. 

(Therefore putting an age difference of 10 years between Wally and Joey)  

He’s already had experience taking care of and protecting his Little Brother longer than Wally has been together with Joey, so it’s rational to think that he’s helping Wally become a better Big Brother to Joey. 

I just love how Hoagie puts his foot down when Wally is being a jerk to Joey and basically tells him, “No. You’re the Big Brother and you need to learn to love him unconditionally.” 

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