okay okay today i got obsessed with like – Mabel who’d gone thru the portal and come back in her late twenties as a kinda trigger-happy and cheerful space outlaw 

and like pacifica funded most of dipper’s research to get mabel back and then when she returns dipper is struck with some goddamn crisis over how to talk to his wild sister bc they haven’t talked in like ten years or something and mabel might be mad at him or he’s mad at mabel and pacifica is like “jesus christ fine i’ll get her acting like a functioning member of society”

(mabel tries to hunt for her own food keeps using her grappling hook to get to places: but she’s got nightmares too, bad ones, and she punches people if they get too close without announcing themselves. and then weird stuff in gravity falls starts getting weirder and suddenly pac can be glad someone’s out there to rescue her from frisky gnomes) 



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