“My love for theater developed later on in life, a friend introduced me to it in high school, and it was great because I was really socially ostracized for being very eccentric. I was kind of the weird kid. I thought theater would make me even more ostracized, but it was great because it gave me a good community of friends, and actually once I started getting leads in shows my social status in high school rose, which is weird. I did not foresee that but it was fantastic because almost all my good memories from high school came from theater. To the people who work on Broadway every day I want to say congratulations on getting to live your dream, and thank you. Thank you for the wonderful experiences that you’ve given people each day, because you can only get it here and I think there’s a reason it’s still flourishing. To everyone else I just want to say that if you have a dream, as far fetched as it may seem, pursue it. I don’t think I ever saw myself in this position and I’m so glad I chased that dream. Whatever happens in the pursuit of your dreams is the adventure worth telling. Win or lose its an adventure.”- Thomas Sanders @thatsthat24 Vine Star and Broadway Fan

Omg it was such an honor to be featured. Thank you so much. 💜🎭


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