I’ve never seen such a huge colour palette in my liiiiife.

I was supposed to post this last night (it is now 5 am) but we got back to the apt and I crashed. I’ve been consistently waking up at 4-5am since forever, so there’s that.

Anyway, this shop is a place called Assist Wig. I’ve visited two of their locations, Ikebukuro (pictured above) and Akihabara (as seen on Instagram) and bought two wigs from their basic line, one in a dark blue and one in a pastel green.

The wig quality is quite nice; their basic wigs lean a little on the thin side but the premium ones are thicker. As far as I can tell, they generally just come in one default style, which is straight – no curls here! But I’ve looked at their styled examples and watched them style a Saber wig and the wigs look good to work with. I will be curling one of mine so we’ll see what happens, but my god, is it strange/wonderful to see so many colours; I’ve been looking for that pastel green for over a year and hadn’t yet found one I was satisfied with.

Best of all: they ship internationally! We were greeted by a big ol sign telling us so.

Their website is here:

For those of you going to Japan sometime, the best directions I can give you in this land without street names:

The Ikebukuro location is up what is colloquially called Otome Rd; it’s a little west of Tokyu Hands, across the highway; it has a bright pink banner so you shouldn’t miss it, but there’s a cafe next door and a K-Books and Mandarake next to that. The Akihabara location is a few shops north of Animate, which has a giant blue sign you can’t miss; Assist is on the second floor of a little store that sells vintage video games. (I’ve never seen so many copies of FF7 in my life.)

– Jenn

this is so beautiful and according to their website they have 110 different colors. 



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