Autism Speaks was created by Bob and Suzanne Wright in 2005 as an organization that advocates for Autism. Over the years Autism Speaks has created a severe amount of controversy around their practices and policies in regards to how they promote Autism to the general public.

So what exactly is wrong with Autism Speaks? Let’s take a look:

  1. They believe Autism to be a disease that is worse than cancer (proven in this video)
  2. That same video claims that Autism will make your marriage fail.
  3. Almost none of the money collected by Autism speaks goes to Autistic Research or the families that are in need of it.
  4. There is not a single Autistic member on the Executive Board
  5. Compares Autism to “Terror” and ‘Autism is stealing the lives of children”
  6. They use fear mongering in descriptions of Autism.
  7. Suzanne Wright has described Autism as an ‘unmitigated” terror.
  8. The organization is dominated by parents of Autistic children; rather than anyone with Autism themselves.
  9. They completely misunderstand Autism. And make no effort to improve their understanding.
  10. One of their board members created outrage for saying she wanted to ‘drive off a bridge” with her Autistic child.

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