Show off your likes and follows

You are a person of remarkable taste. Make this taste known to all mankind.

How? Display the posts you like and the Tumblrs you follow right at the top of your blog.

How how? Go to your blog, poke the palette button, and you’ll see some new switches.

When? This is rolling out over the next week or so.

Tips? Yes! Go look at other Tumblrs that are showing their follows and likes. Learn about the millions of corners of Tumblr you didn’t even know existed. Become brilliant. Fall in love.

As always, Tumblr Staff love to make absolutely awful updates that compromise the privacy of their users! In other news, water is wet! The “option” to make Likes visible to all Tumblr users visiting your blog appears to be happening automatically–or at least it has for my blog, and for every blog I’ve visited so far. 

For obvious reasons, most people do not want their likes to be publicly available. When one likes something, but does not reblog it, they do so with the intention of that Like being accessible only to them. Whether because your Likes contain sensitive material that you wanted to keep private, or whether you just don’t see why the mess that is your Likes should be accessible on your carefully curated blog, I’m thinking most of you are not interested in your blog defaulting to this setting.

To change the setting, click on the icon in the top right corner of your dashboard that looks like a little person: this will provide a drop down menu, from which you should select “Settings.” You can also get there by typing in to your browser. 

Once here, click on the blog you want to edit, on the right hand side or go to[your url]

From here, scroll down to likes: where it says “Share posts you like,” turn this function off by swiping the option from on to off. 

And there you go. Hopefully this helps any of my followers who have been impacted. I know that although I had nothing too embarrassing or personal in my recent Likes, I was furious when I saw what Tumblr had done, because it is a huge violation of privacy to change the blog settings of users without warning and make private information publicly accessible. You have a right to decide what information is available to people viewing your blog, and what isn’t. I hope you are able to change your settings quickly, and that no one is put in a compromising position because of this action on the part of the Tumblr staff. 

Also a consideration: now that replies are gone, some of us click like on others’ personal, do-not-reblog posts as a show of solidarity.

Now anybody who likes your personal post might also be “broadcasting” it to visitors on their blog, whether they mean to or not.

One more way Yahoo turns us into reblog machines instead of individuals on social media.

I “like” spoiler pictures a lot, but know my friends list would not necessarily want to see, you know, SPOILERS, so I don’t reblog them! that would be ridiculous if they showed up anyways. I don’t have this feature yet tho 

Important FYI, friends. When I went on my settings, the public option for showing “likes” was set to off, but in case yours isn’t, be sure to check.

(And dang am I glad it was set to off, because that would’ve been frickin’ embarrassing.)

This is so fucking stupid. If I “like” something it’s because I want to show the poster that it was cool but I don’t want it on my blog. If I wanted it, I would have reblogged it. Why are they making the two things essentially the same?


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