If you remember Nicole Arbour, the edgy unfunny bitch who made the Dear Fat People video and the edgetastic follow up Dear Black People, this man is her Ex Boyfriend, Matt Santoro. Now if you didn’t dislike Nicole before or even agreed with her sentiments in the videos she made, I’m not going to get into that, but I hope to hell that if you still are, to stop kissing her ass once you realize she is a physical, emotional, and verbal abuser. 

Abuse sees no gender, the hands that throw abuse have no gender. And if you truly believe men should have to shut up about these things happening to them, you’re truly fucking disgusting. No one should have to endure abuse. 

Alright, I’m going to be pretty honest and opinionated about this whole issue since his story and video have a ton of support and a ton of views and his message is a good one. BUT, this dude’s mannerisms seem pretty exaggerated and a tad dishonest, NOT that it downplays his message in any fashion, nor should it invalidate the message. I don’t like Nicole, just like everyone else probably doesn’t, I’m sure she’s abusive…she’s a sarcastic, narcissistic, and vapid asshole really, it shows in her videos. It actually sounds like she has a deeper issue where she grew up in an environment where abuse became normalized, that becomes pretty evident in a previous interview that Matthew’s friend did on a radio show about the apparent physical abuse situation. Not that it’s right for her to be abusive, but it sounds like she has her own past with abusive relationships, and she thinks in the heat of the moment that it’s okay to lose control. 

But, this dude, it seems a little too exaggerated, it just looks forced to be honest, like..a week before their break up he’s biting her shoulder, he’s playfully punching her, he’s implying how he wants to be with her for a long time..then he has a massive breakdown from mainly something that happened a year ago? It just…seems a little dramatic.

I don’t know..I’m not saying that he should toughen up and that the abuse wasn’t real, Nicole does seem like she’d be abusive, but he wasn’t really bottling it up inside of him and destroying him like he’s portrayed. 


Watch this interview from Matt’s friend and he tells in more detail about what went down. and abuse effects people in different ways, so you can’t dismiss his mannerisms because they do not match what you think how someone should act. 

His reaction seems completely normal and expected too, what on earth is that person above saying? It seems exactly as if he was in denial and bottling it up and only now is dealing with his emotions, naturally leading to him being more emotionally fragile. It’s only once you make the decision to walk away from someone that you can truly see how toxic they were and dealing with all that can lead to exactly this kind of reaction. They say they’re not doubting Matt, or saying he needs to toughen up, but it sounds to me like that’s exactly what they’re saying. 

“His mannerisms seem exaggerated”

Let’s imagine someone saying that about a woman sharing the story of an abusive relationship.



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